5 things to wear when riding a jet ski

5 things to wear when riding a jet ski

We all know that safety and comfort are the key elements when riding a jet ski, given the circumstances that will arise based on weather conditions, and the location your doing water sports.

Here are 5 things to wear when riding a jet ski.

1. Goggles
Wearing goggles prevents you from having water hitting your eyes directly while jet skiing. This also helps you have a clear vision while on the water. Ensure to wear a tight fit goggles for your eyes.

2. Life Jacket
Put on a life jacket whenever you are in the water. This is also a mandatory for most jet ski hire companies.

3. Aqua Shoes
Aqua shoes are light weight footwear to protect your feet from any water related injuries. Non absorbent material such as neoprenes will provide further protection to your feet while riding a jet ski.

4. Wetsuits
Insulated wetsuits helps you from retaining an optimal body heat, which prevents hypothermia. It helps traps the certain amount of heat between your wetsuit and your body while adding extra buoyancy.

5. Board shorts / Jet ski shorts
As part of the standard jet ski attire, tight board shorts or jet ski shorts will prevent your lower body to acquire any water related injuries. It also help maintain an optimal heat for your lower body.

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