Components & Parts of a Jet Ski

Components & Parts of a Jet Ski

It is vital for jet ski owners to understand its parts and components, especially when a problem or part replacement is required to fix your jet ski. In this article, we discuss the parts and components of a jet ski watercraft.

1. Jet Ski Engine
The engine is the heart and power source of how your jet ski operates mechanically and electrically. It is often composed of either a two-stroke engine or four-stroke engine which provides different level of performance.

2. Pump Unit
The pump unit is what draws water and expels it through a jet nozzle, creating a certain amount of pressure, helping to propel the jet ski or helps it to start moving in water.

3. Fuel Tank
- Fuel tank is where the gasoline is stored to power the jet ski's engine.

4. Handlebars
- Handlebars is the main steering component of a jet ski, which operates by controlling the throttle, brake, and jet ski's directional movement while riding.

5. Seat
Jet ski seats are mostly composed of a thick padded marine-grade vinyl to keep it durable especially in impacts when riding.

6. Storage Compartment
The storage compartment is where you can store your other water craft accessories, as well as safety equipment. It is usually located under the seat area of the jet ski.

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