How to jump waves using a jet ski

How to jump waves using a jet ski

There's nothing more fun when riding in the water with your jet ski and nailing a jet ski trick! Here is a guide on How to jump waves using a jet ski.

1. Stance
- Ensure your sitting on your jet ski on a 90 degree angle posture to have a proper balance when performing the trick.

2. Start off slowly
- You don't want to boost your jet ski in full throttle right away as it will affect your trick landing properly. Start off by slowly running, to help you build your focus and anticipate how to land the trick properly.

3. Check the waves
- Your trick's success depends also on the wave condition and strength. Try to start off by swerving your jet ski on opposite sides to see how strong the waves are.

4. Aim your land properly
- As you gain your preferred speed and have assessed the wave strength, you can start to boost your speed and maintain a stead posture to start landing a few wave jumps!

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