Jet Ski Cleaning & Maintenance

Jet Ski Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning your jet ski is an essential part of keeping it functional during your water sport adventure. A periodic cleaning helps build-up grime, mold as well as saltwater. Here's a list on how to clean your jet ski.

1. Wash your jet ski with mild soap
Every jet ski requires a thorough cleaning with the use of right equipment. Use a pressure washer with a hose, while mixing mild soap with water to remove unnecessary dirt from the external component of your jet ski.

2. Rinse the jet ski
You can use again your pressure washer with hose with a clean water, or combine it with a cleaning solution to fully rinse off the dirt and soap. A cleaning solution would help loose any debris or salt water from you jet ski.

3. Drying your jet ski
You can use a microfiber chamois or towel to dry the external components of your jet ski.

4. Polishing your jet ski
Use a water-based wax spray to protect your jet ski from foreign debris or dirt when you get back to the water. Wax can also protect your jet ski from the sun and other harsh weather environment.

5. Lubricate moving parts
You can use a spray lubricant especially for metal parts such as hinges, cables and other moving parts.

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