Jet Ski Locations in Perth, Western Australia

Jet Ski Locations in Perth, Western Australia

Perth, Western Australia is an amazing place to enjoy jet skiing due to its beautiful coastline and numerous waterways. Here are some popular jet ski locations in and around Perth:

  1. Swan River
    The Swan River is a prominent waterway in Perth, offering picturesque views of the city skyline. You can launch your jet ski from several locations along the river, such as Barrack Street Jetty, Claremont Jetty, or Point Walter.

  2. Rockingham
    Located about 40 minutes south of Perth, Rockingham boasts crystal-clear waters and stunning coastline. It's a popular spot for jet skiing, with several ramps and launching points available.

  3. Hillarys Boat Harbour
    Situated in the northern suburbs of Perth, Hillarys Boat Harbour provides easy access to the Indian Ocean. It offers ample parking and facilities, making it a convenient spot for jet skiing.

  4. Mandurah
    Mandurah is approximately an hour's drive south of Perth and is known for its vast waterways and estuaries. It's a popular destination for jet skiing, with various launching points and plenty of open water to explore.

  5. Coogee Beach
    Coogee Beach, located about 25 minutes south of Perth, is a favorite spot for water sports enthusiasts. It offers calm waters and beautiful sandy beaches, making it an ideal location for jet skiing.

Always ensure you are aware of and adhere to local laws, safety guidelines, and any permits required for water activities. It's also advisable to check with local authorities or jet ski rental companies for the most up-to-date information on specific locations and launch points.


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