Jet Ski Rules Before Hitting The Water

Jet Ski Rules Before Hitting The Water

Safety is the number one rule when riding jet skis during your vacation or water sport experience. Here are a list of rules when using a rental jet ski before you hit the water.

1. Always wear a life jacket
- Before entering any water sport activity, always wear a life jacket whether your an experienced or amateur swimmer. There is always a big risk to your life when you don't wear one.

2. Always be on guard and alert
- To avoid any potential injuries in water, it is best to be vigilant and alert when riding a jet ski. Ensure you that you keep distance with other boats or people sharing the water with you during riding a jet ski.

3. Don't consume alcohol
- Drinking alcohol while riding a jet ski is one of the strictly prohibited activities which will not only jeopardise your safety, but also would get you a penalty for not being able to ride a jet ski in the future.

4. Pick a trusted jet ski rental in your area/vicinity
- Picking the right and trusted jet ski rental will does not only gives you a peace of mind, but it will also assure you are using a safe and well operating jet ski.

Most of all, enjoy and have fun with your jet ski rental! For enquiries about jet ski hire in Perth, contact us here.
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