Reasons Why Stand Up Paddleboards Are Better Than Solid Paddleboards

Reasons Why Stand Up Paddleboards Are Better Than Solid Paddleboards

Paddle Boarding provides an all-around leisure, either for recreational purposes or water sport related activities. Each having its own advantages in terms of where to use them.

In this article, we discuss why inflatable SUPs are much better option compared to solid SUPs.

1. More Durable
It's been proven that inflatable paddle boards are more durable due to its military grade materials.

2. Lighter Weight
Inflatable paddle boards weigh less as compare to solid SUPs. The lighter the weight, the easier you can paddle through certain water currents and waves.

3. Versatile Use
Surfers are starting to switch into inflatable paddle boards due to its flexibility not only on water surface but also when landing tricks. It is light to the feet which also reduces fatigue.

4. Storage and Transport
Inflatable paddle boards are easy to store as it occupies less space once deflated. It also occupies lesser space when traveling especially when checking in on an airplane for travel.

5. Stability
Depending on the thickness of the paddle board design, inflatable paddle boards is generally more stable than hard board because of the difference in rail construction. a standard 5 inch thick SUP has a well  rounded rail whereas hard board rails needs to be tapered which increases thickness, hence affecting stability.


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