Types of Fishing Rods for your fishing experience

Types of Fishing Rods for your fishing experience

There are many types of fishing rods depending on where you'd like to use it for in terms of fishing. If you aren't exactly sure yet which one you need, here are 5 types of fishing rods for you fishing experience.

1. Spin Fishing Rod

Spin Fishing Rods are one of the most common fishing rods that's being used by everyone for their fishing experience. Mainly because of its rod structure is similar to other casting rods but has more advantages. It also allows you to hold the rod more with better stability.

2. Telescoping Fishing Rods

Telescoping Fishing Rods provides is more compact and portable compared to other fishing rods. It is also very light and comfortable when fishing. It's rod is also smaller, makes it easier to handle.

3. Fly Fishing Rods

Fly Fishing Rods are mainly used for fly fishing which is suitable for catching trouts and salmons. This is ideal for runny waters such as rivers, streams and high current water bodies. It's rod is also quite long and its fly line is quite thicker too compare to other casting rods.

4. Surf Fishing Rods

This fishing rod comes with a durable grip. The surf fishing rod is often used in the beach with shallow sea fishing. It is also best used with Stand Up Paddle Boards, or with your jet ski.

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